Healy Senior Center - Redway, CA

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Executive Director:  vacant
Nutrition Program Coordinator:
Kathy Rose
Kirsten Tupper
Prep Cook:  
Valued Volunteers:

Reception Desk:
Janet MacLeod, ​Jaqui Stockin, Maureen Silva, Suzan Gupton
Dining Room:  
Ron Aronson, Grace Lindsley
Cashiers:  Mike Zevin
Irmgard Haskins, Bruce Calderwood, Mike Zevin,
Brenda Allen, Michael Brown
Jack Foster, Darlene Madsen, Chuck Mardis, Brenda Allen 
Exercise Program:  Evelyn King

Other Needed Volunteers: Many! Thank you!

Board of Directors:

President:  Jack Foster
Vice President:  Rich Thompson
Treasurer:  Gary Wellborn
Secretary:  Billie Foster, acting​
Board Liaison:  Suzan Gupton
Board Members:  
Jim Hoeffer

Meals on Wheels Drivers:  
Cheryl Antony, Jan Riber, Jill Riser, Tabitha Johnson, Jim Blewett, Steve Norton, Sandra Harmon, Toni Soued


Volunteering is as easy as stopping by to say hello.
We won't make it complicated for you to spend time giving back to the community

Thanks to you all for your support!